On Cloud Nine: Jessica Taylor Caponigro

March 19, 2012

As a part of the recent group show, Wow-House, at the Johalla Projects, Chicago artist Jessica Taylor Caponigro gives us a little insight into her processes and inspiration.

“I am interested in the dichotomy of repetitious materials and their ability to maintain integrity while retaining a sense of their own failure through a loss of originality.  I often use abstracted but recognizable patterns, which are able to maintain accessibility through their familiarity.  It is the inherent failure to reproduce by hand that informs my work, breaking the monotony of the identical with the significance of imperfections. I alter mundane goods, combining and manipulating them to highlight their elegance and beauty, while at the same time emphasizing their immanent failure as a quality to be revered. It is my intent to create work in which proscribed relationships of the seemingly recognizable are called into question along cultural and personal expectations.” 


Circus, Circus II, 2012

Circus, Circus II is brightly lit in a flashy old world pattern; the sculpture rests at an awkward angle, precariously supported by a single hidden stick that affects the viewer’s perception, whether or not he or she is aware of the source material.” – Capronigro

You can see Circus, Circus II as well as other works by artists such as Eric Johnson/Thistle Objects, and Chad Kouri & Ina Weise at the Johalla Projects (1821 WEST HUBBARD STREET SUITE 110 – CHICAGO, IL   60622) by appointment only. The show is up until March 25th so don’t miss it!


Eight is Great: Heather Gabel

August 11, 2011

Bringing in the eighth installment of the Johalla Projects Artists Blog, Heather Gabel lets us in what has be going on and her plan for the near future.

Lately, Gabel has found her self in LA putting on a show with Christopher Norris (Steak Mtn.) at the POVevolving Gallery.  Get a load of what’s in LA by checking out some of Gabel’s work below, the show didn’t get extended for a month for no reason!

(You can see some more pieces from the show at the bottom of the post.)

Gabel is also looking forward to a fall show at our very own Johalla Projects, which will also function as the launch for Gabel’s new book of Alkaline Trio designs. Gabel will also be producing 15 design (in editions of 10) to exhibit/sell at the opening.

Did we say, “Alkaline Trio”? Yes, yes we did, and the weekend following the opening you can attend a Q+A session with Gabel and members of the band themselves. Better clear your calendars.

Also, be sure to get an eye-full of Gabel’s latest t-shirt designs blow! For all your Gabel t-shirt needs click HERE.

You can find more features on Gabel at Inked Magazine and/or Gnarlitude, as well as a video interview with her on the Urban Outfitters Blog.

That’s just about it for now, keep checking back in though to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the updates on artists we believe in.

Lucky Number Seven: Julia Stotz

July 31, 2011

Photographer, Julia Stotz, brings us our seventh installment of the Johalla Projects Artists’ Updates, telling us all about books, collaborations, and a new studio space!

Mark your calendars because you’ll be able to see some of Stotz’s work in Found Free and Flea on August 9th published by Tereasa Surratt, the creative director at Ogilvy (http://www.lostandfoundcollections.com/).

(Check out Stotz’s work from the publication below!)

The next couple images come to us from Stotz’s collaboration with Brian Guido for the look book for Jen Beeman’s Spring 2011 fashion collection HOUND.

(Be sure to take a gander at the other shots from the look book at the bottom of the post!)

Speaking of fashion, Stotz also worked with Penelope’s Boutique to create the look book for their Spring 2011 collection.

(For more images from the look book check the bottom of the post!)

Stotz also tells us that her book company, TIPINFOLD Books (working with artists to create custom book and boxes), is coming along really well, just check out this amazing custom portfolio for Andreas Larsson, artist books for New Catalogue, promotional pieces for Tyllie Barbosa, and a cash box for Hornswaggler Arts.

(Andreas Larsson’s portfolio.)

(New Catalogue Artist Books and Tyllie Barbosa Promo Pieces.)

(Cash box for Hornswaggler Arts.)

This diptych is the product of a collaboration between Stotz, Doug Fogelson, Shaun Owens-Agase from STONE BLITZER, and Brian Guido while on an artist retreat weekend and Camp Wandawega.

On top of all this Stotz is currently working in a new space, STUDIO 24, where she and Brian Guido hold photoshoots as well as TIPINFOLD’s book making studio. The space can also be rented out to others for photo shoots, events, meetings etc. through DeskTime.

That’s just about it for now, but DON’T FORGET, always come and check back to the Johalla Projects Artists for any and all updates on artists that we believe in.

Sixth Sense: Aron Gent

July 18, 2011

Our latest update comes from Aron Gent, who tells us all about solo shows and rock walls!

“Grip, Tip, Slip” is a rock wall installation which Gent installed at Co-Prosperity Sphere in June, check out this article from TimeOut Chicago about the event for more details!

Meanwhile, at the Hyde Park Art Center, Gent opened his solo show titled “Not Quite as Good Because of You“. Here is just a small taste of what the show has to offer, best be checking it out!

(Installation view of “Not Quite As Good Because of You” at HPAC)

Now don’t forget to check out the mini-gallery at the bottom of the post to see some more shots from “Grip, Tip, Slip.” and “Not Quite As Good Because of You”, and as always be sure to check in with the blog to get your fill of artists we believe in.

Hi, Five: Todd Diederich

July 10, 2011

Marking our 5th update, Todd Diederich tells us about his new projects, interviews, and plans for the future.

The above photo comes to us from Diedrich’s body of work titled, “Fuck it Up Bitch,” which is beginning to go in to print.

With help from his working grant from the Propeller Fund, Diederich has also been able to explore fashion photography with his subjects, which Diederich explains “…is a new genre of photo for me.”(Above is an example of Diederich’s fashion work, more of which can be found HERE, check it!)

In addition to the ongoing project, Newcity Art published an article on Diederich’s work with the underground ball scene of Chicago (as seen in “Fuck it Up Bitch”) in their printed issue on June 3oth.

Diederich is also maintaining connections overseas with the UK’s Vice Magazine, with features here and here, both of which most definitely warrant a visit.

Along with these 2 features on, Vice and Diederich are also making plans for Diederich to set up a blog on their UK site, so keep your eyes peeled!

Back in Chicago Diederich gives us something to look forward to this August when his interview with the Chicago Reader will be found on a newsstand near you!

Last but not least, with thanks to a scholarship from Rodan (a restaurant in Wicker Park), Diederich will be going to ACRE Residency at the end of the month.

By now you all know the drill, stay in touch with the Johalla Projects Artists Blog and stay up to date with artists we believe in!

Update Number Four: Caitlin Arnold

July 7, 2011

Artist and Johalla Projects Staff Member, Caitlin Arnold gives us the low down on new concepts/work and her upcoming residency at ACRE.

For anyone who doesn’t know “ACRE (Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions) is a volunteer-run non-profit based in Chicago devoted to employing various systems of support for emerging artists and to creating a generative community of cultural producers. ACRE investigates and institutes models designed to help artists develop, present, and discuss their practices by providing forums for idea exchange, interdisciplinary collaboration, and experimental projects.” (-acreresidency.org)

Having never worked with another artist besides documenting paintings and sculpture, Arnold is looking forward to collaborating with non-photographic artists while at ACRE and believes the process will be “really exciting and freeing.” Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Concerning her most recent work, Arnold has been photographing her boyfriend, focusing on capturing the moments of “happiness, lust, depression, confusion and pain.” Below we see an image from this 6 month young project which Arnold plans to continue this summer through still-life images, some of them detailing her personal feelings of being apart from one another.

(Be sure to check the others at the bottom of this update, you don’t want to miss them!)

Photographing one person, Arnolds says, is rather new territory for the artist especially in regards to her previous work in which she photographed several young girls.

(An example of Arnold’s previous work, Girls, Part 1 & 2 of which can be found on her website)

Arnold has also been featured/interviewed on several websites such as Gapers Block (along with fellow Johalla artist, Aron Gent), Geronimo Projects, Bad at Sports, Stockyard Magazine, Express Milwaukee, Subjectify, and Conscientious.

We wish the best to Arnold as she goes off to ACRE and can’t wait to see what great new work she creates!

Be sure to stay in touch with the Johalla Projects Artists Blog to find out more about artists we believe in.

Three Three Three with Chad Kouri

June 24, 2011

This next update comes from our friend and artist, Chad Kouri, who has been staying very busy with installations, collaborations, shows and more.

If you’re looking for a spot to wine and dine on Tuesday night, June 28th at 10 pm, you should head over to Longman & Eagle (2657 N. Kedzie Ave / Chicago, IL 60647 / 773-276-7110) to check out the new installation (pictured below) by Kouri and The Post Family.

Speaking of The Post Family, Kouri continues to work toward The Post Family’s upcoming show,  Collections. The opening reception in July 8th, 6-11pm at Chicago Urban Arts Society, 2229 South Halsted Street , Chicago, IL 60608 so be sure to check it out!

Looking further ahead, in late September Kouri will be doing an Artist Guided tour of the Affordable Art Fair in New York City, an art fair which challenges the traditional mold that one needs to be wealthy to participate in buying contemporary art by living artists. Below you’ll find some testimonials about the Affordable Art Fair of Spring 2011.

Until then, Kouri plans on a new website and possible collaborations with Will Bryant, Kate Bingaman, and Sirocco Research Lab. Kouri also tells us of some art trades with Rand Renfrow and Jon Bocksel.

Kouri also has tours of Jeff Canham‘s place, French Paper Factory, as well as the studios of Mark Warren Jacques (the proud new owner of a Kouri original, pictured below) and Ron Ewert.

(Above: Rod Hunting @ Canham Studio)

As far as looking even further towards the future, Kouri is putting together a 3-way show with Cody Hudson and Stephen Eichorn titled Studio Visit, which will be at Purdue in January of 2012, so mark your calendars!

With his own work , Kouri hopes to do more commercial and editorial illustration, declaring that he’s beginning to focus art direction, illustration, and fine art. Transitioning from representational  appropriated imagery to abstract and geometric color compositions, Kouri says that experimentation with murals and sculptures “have been-a-brewin.” Can’t wait to see where that leads!

By now I’m sure you all know the drill, keep checking back for more excellent updates like this from more artists that we believe in.

Update Number Two: Ryan Duggan

June 22, 2011

This second Johalla Projects Artists Update comes from Ryan Duggan, who took some time to let us know what’s up.

First of all, Duggan recently finished  a cover for the Chicago Reader, so keep an eye out for that (pictured below).

July 15-17th are the dates of Flatstock 30, a poster show at the Pitchfork Music Festival, where Duggan is not only an exhibitor but also the designer of the shows poster. Flatstock 30 is presented by the American Poster Institute (API) and is open to the general public. There’s really no reason not to go.

Duggan has also just finished a t-shirt design for Sub-Pop Records, as well as for ‘Nothing Major,’ a clothing imprint which Pitchfork is starting.

Also, be sure to clear your schedule for tomorrow night because at 8pm Duggan will be appearing on the live talk show, The Show n’ Tell Show.

As far as fine art work, Duggan is working on some gouache-on-panel pieces towards another body of work for the fall, get excited…!

Be sure to stay in touch with the blog so you don’t miss out on any of the great work and ventures of the Johalla Projects’ Artists!

First Things First: Brian Sorg

June 22, 2011

Like a champ, Brian Sorg gets us going as the first update here at the Johalla Projects Artists blog.

This following image is from an editorial run by Esquire Russia on Sorg’s Davey Project (all four parts of which can be found on his website.)

Here we have one of four ads Sorg completed for Secret Deodorant, the graffiti done by the Johalla Projects’ very own Chad Kouri and Nick Adam.

In addition, we have a sample from a small spread Sorg completed for the summer issue of
Jettison Quarterly.

And on top of ALL that, Sorg is also part of a group show currently showing at the Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon. So if you happen to be in Portland you should check it out!

Not to mention, Sorg also just started a new blog: http://deepspacesorg.tumblr.com/ that everyone should pay a visit.

(The following slideshow is complete with all the images from the Esquire Russia spread, Secret Deodorant, and Jettison Quarterly. All images courtesy of the artist, Brian Sorg.)

Be sure to check back for even more fantastic updates on artists that we believe in.

Johalla Projects Artists: What is this?

June 16, 2011

Johalla Projects Artists is the newest online branch of the Johalla Projects where you can find out all about what’s new and happening with the artists of the Johalla Projects. Be sure to check back here for updates on what, why, and how the artists are doing what they are doing- there will be words AND pictures, not to mention some possible interviews. This is prime material friends, so don’t miss out!

Click here for the full lists of Staff + Artists