On Cloud Nine: Jessica Taylor Caponigro

March 19, 2012

As a part of the recent group show, Wow-House, at the Johalla Projects, Chicago artist Jessica Taylor Caponigro gives us a little insight into her processes and inspiration.

“I am interested in the dichotomy of repetitious materials and their ability to maintain integrity while retaining a sense of their own failure through a loss of originality.  I often use abstracted but recognizable patterns, which are able to maintain accessibility through their familiarity.  It is the inherent failure to reproduce by hand that informs my work, breaking the monotony of the identical with the significance of imperfections. I alter mundane goods, combining and manipulating them to highlight their elegance and beauty, while at the same time emphasizing their immanent failure as a quality to be revered. It is my intent to create work in which proscribed relationships of the seemingly recognizable are called into question along cultural and personal expectations.” 


Circus, Circus II, 2012

Circus, Circus II is brightly lit in a flashy old world pattern; the sculpture rests at an awkward angle, precariously supported by a single hidden stick that affects the viewer’s perception, whether or not he or she is aware of the source material.” – Capronigro

You can see Circus, Circus II as well as other works by artists such as Eric Johnson/Thistle Objects, and Chad Kouri & Ina Weise at the Johalla Projects (1821 WEST HUBBARD STREET SUITE 110 – CHICAGO, IL   60622) by appointment only. The show is up until March 25th so don’t miss it!


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